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Random Loveliness...

I discovered yesterday while trimming the vine on the front porch that this cutie has a nest in the vine. Made me happy because my Mom has the same vine on her front porch with the same kind of bird nesting in hers. :)  Last night Lin and I were sitting on the rockers on the front porch when the Carolina wrens came to pay a special visit. One sat on his knee and another sat on my shoulder!! To say we were pleased is an understatement. Just for fun I looked up the meaning/significance of wrens and found that they are considered to bring good luck. lol How cool is that?! I say bring it!! :)
The lovely recent full moon.

The best thing we've added to the yard so far was this pavilion and deck that cover a flowerbed that I never really liked. Definitely took care of the 'problem'! My afternoon hangout. A great place to read and process whatever I'm thinking about at the time. Also a great place to observe my feathered friends. :) Thanks for stopping by! Have a lovely da…