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Photo overload...
Don't say I didn't warn you!

We were in Ohio for a beautiful wedding on the home farm. The day was gorgeous and perfect for an outdoor ceremony by the big pond. For many reasons this spot is one of my favorite places. But I'm sure I'm biased... :)

The barn that held the reception was just built in the last few years and isn't used in a typical barn fashion so it was still relatively 'clean' and with a good scrubbing filled the bill quite nicely. This wedding was extra special to us. My nephew has been a great friend to all of our boys even though he is 3 years older than our oldest son and 7 years older than our youngest one. When we visit Ohio he was the one who always had time to hang out with them and Trish  was a great sport and shared quite nicely! :) I'm sure things will be slightly different (no sleepovers, haha) but the boys were assured that they would still be more than welcome at 'The New Digs'. Jordon and Trish Coul…

~ Fog & Divine Appointments

Posting these for Betsy :) There's something so appealing about a fog that makes a mystery out of ordinary places. It's peaceful and gives permission to halt or at least slow down from the headlong rush that most of us engage in every day. I'm convinced we miss many a divine appointment because of the rush of our lives.
What was your Divine appointment today? God will give you one or two or ten every day if you ask Him for them. I don't feel the need to  share the specific one I had today,but I did ask Him for one this morning and He was gracious and gave one. Having conversations with Him is a highlight of my day. I refuse to be rushed. The possibility of missing something He is trying to tell me is too great!  And just for interest I added a Winter shot of the same place. It's warm and muggy today and made me wish for cool/cold temperatures. It's almost around the corner and I'm psyched about it! How about you? :)
Have a blessed evening!