Thursday, September 4, 2014

~ Fog & Divine Appointments

Posting these for Betsy :)
There's something so appealing
about a fog that makes a mystery out of ordinary places.
It's peaceful and gives permission to halt or at
least slow down from the headlong rush
that most of us engage in every day.
I'm convinced we miss many a
divine appointment
because of the rush
of our lives.

What was your Divine appointment today?
God will give you one or two or ten every day
if you ask Him for them.
I don't feel the need to
 share the specific one I had today,but I did ask
Him for one this morning and He was gracious and gave one.
Having conversations with Him is a highlight of my day.
I refuse to be rushed.
The possibility of missing something
He is trying to tell me is too great! 
And just for interest I added a Winter shot of the same place.
It's warm and muggy today and made me wish for cool/cold temperatures.
It's almost around the corner and I'm psyched about it!
How about you? :)

Have a blessed evening!


  1. Aw..a post just for me! What absolutely gorgeous photos! Any of them would make lovely poster-sized wall art, wouldn't they? Love the words you shared, too! I need to ask for more appointments!

    1. well... thank you Betsy! :) They would indeed make great wall art. And you even like the color grey! And the words were meant for all of us, not just directed at you :)

  2. I love the fog too, a chance to see the familiar in a different light. Your photography skills are wonderful. I love those "God moments' too...when you catch a glimpse of His glory in the corner of your eye...

  3. I love foggy days. Great photos!