Friday, January 23, 2015

A Birthday, Two Birds, and Natures Beauty

Happy 16th Birthday to Anthony!  
Where, exactly, has the time been going?!
I must say that I am enjoying our teen boys immensely and love the stage of life we are in!
A few weeks ago I asked Anthony what kind of party he wanted and gave him a few days to think about it and offered 3 different scenarios. After thinking about it he said he doesn't want a party. I will admit I was rather deflated. I mean, what 16 year old doesn't want a party...all about them... but alas he was adamant. No party!
So this morning I tried a different tactic. I still couldn't quite let it go.
I'm a Mom, after all! I love to celebrate my kids! :)
Me: what are you doing at 2:30 at school today?
Him: Study Hall.
Me: How many kids are in there with you?
Him: There's actually quite a few at that time.
Sudden realization hits him.
Him: You're not thinking of bringing something are you?
Me: Oh it crossed my mind.
Him: No Mom, don't!
So because I generally do what I think I should, (okay, what I want to do) I showed up anyway with Donuts and chocolate milk.
He had his back turned when I walked in and when he saw me he turned a very deep shade of red and  put his head down on his desk. I could tell he was glad I had come and yet... the spotlight. Not really what he likes.
He did give me his sweet smile and help me serve the treat and thanked me for coming. Being in the spotlight is just not his thing! And that's okay, too.
4 maybe 5 years old.
I think he's debating whether he can sneak a cookie :)

~ 2015 ~

My  'glowing' Cardinal friend

Mockingbird pose
♥ this!

Nature in the Neighborhood

Sycamore beauty against a blue, winter sky

I was out walking and noticed this in the sky. Reminded me of a bird or maybe the American Eagle symbol?
And thanks for stopping in!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Outside My Window...

..."I am come that you may have Abundant Life". John 10:10b
From the looks of it God intended life to be vibrant and colorful.
Nature... ain't nothin' like it!

1,5,9. Blue Birds! They are the real reasons I make homemade suet!
2. Amazing Moon!
3. Compatability.
4. Mocking Bird. I love that the sun brings out the green in it's eye :)
6. Beautiful Sunset!
7. Same sunset, but earlier.
8. Carolina Wren. I love that these cuties roost in nesting pockets on my front porch every night. They have for years.♥

.And the winner is...

I love Dorcas Smucker's writing and would enjoy this book.
Congratulations Mary! Send your mailing address to and I'll send the book on it's way!
Thanks to those of you who participated and may you all have a lovely day!
Stay warm!!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Book Review and Giveaway

Winter being the perfect time to sit back and read a book or two, I'm giving away a lovely compilation of heartwarming, entertaining, stories by Dorcas Smucker. And lest you think it's just filled with fluff. Not so! Important life lessons and stories about life that are not so funny but are character building are included as well.

Another plus for me was the fact that it's a thin, easy to read volume, as are the other pieces she has in publication. My book list is always fairly long so I appreciated this especially! Perfect to sit and read as you sip some tea and unwind from a busy day!

Footprints on the Ceiling is available for $15 per book, postage included.  You can mail a check to Dorcas Smucker, 31148 Substation Drive, Harrisburg, OR 97446.  US addresses only.  To send a copy to Canada or overseas, email Dorcas at     

You can also visit Dorcas here @ where she shares everyday life with you.

So leave a comment for an entry or comment and share the giveaway letting me know you did and where for a double entry in the drawing. Giveaway ends on Wednesday January 7th at 9:00 p.m

Thank you for participating and have a lovely day!
♥Be Blessed!♥