Monday, March 31, 2014

Simple Pleasures

For those of you not familiar with Lancaster Co. this is how we enjoy this simple pleasure. Can you guess what it is? :) My personal opinion is that it is more work and more time consuming than the alternative but there's nothing quite like the scent of it on a beautiful, windy Spring day. And for that Simple Pleasure I will do the extra thing. :)
The sun and wind today are a welcome change to what we had yesterday. Sleet and rain with a bit of snow mixed in! Its the end of March for Pete's sake! A March that marched in like a Lion I might add!
But I shall forget all that and enjoy the present blessing of sunshine and the fact that Winter is over. Who cares if it snows again, in my mind, it's over, and that's what matters to me. :)
Is that not just the cutest thing ever?! :) I found it on one of my early Spring visits to an Amish Greenhouse.
If I would be a bird you can bet on it that I'd be having some fun sleepovers with cousins or friends in this thing!!
I don't know if anyone sleeps in the 'big house' but I do know the Carolina Wrens sleep double in the roosting pocket on the left every night. They have occupied that one from the beginning when I hung it out a few years ago! Call me weird, but that makes me happy! :)
Here is your shadow answer :)
Most of the time I like this contraption but every now and then I mismanage it and it runs off of its pulley way out at the tree its fastened to. It takes a lot to make my husband upset with me but this is one thing that gets pretty close. But still, he's always the patient gentleman and fixes the problem. :) Definitely Blessed!


  1. We always hung out the sheets to dry when i was a kid growing up in Chicago. I can still smell the freshness in my mind!

  2. Even though I don't hang my laundry out (must be because my mother never did) that I still think it looks charming!

    I love that bird house! It's adorable!

  3. I had always wanted a clothesline and my husband put one up for me this year! I love it and my little toddler loves running through the clothes as they flutter in the wind. So cute!