Friday, February 20, 2015

For Betsy ☺

I reached into the bag of potatoes and was greeted by this gal! Ha
I thought of Betsy immediately!
It's been a while since she 'met someone' in her kitchen. :)

Yes, I adore them!!
After several weeks of absence they are back... and just as beautiful as ever! And the perky little sparrow is pretty cute too!

Newsboy - His Eye Is On Sparrow - YouTube

And a new favorite song to go with the photo.☺
And the moon!
That moon was really cool tonight! Just a 'fingernail' but with the whole moon visible as a shadow? With a planet? and a Star? for company?
Yes, very nifty!
Stay warm -
and be Blessed!



  1. OH! That is the funniest looking potato I have EVER seen! Crazy..those eyes! That nose! hahaha...

    Sweet birds and moons....just beautiful!

  2. I love this...and I would have thought about Betsy too! That looks like a cartoon bird! I love your photo of the bluebirds... I need to try your recipe for suet sometime!