Monday, August 29, 2011

My Week!

morning sun from my front porch

Usually the end of August after the children return to school I have a week or two that seem like anything but a vacation! These weeks usually involve tomatoes, pears, peaches, and anything else that is ripe. This week there are also peppers...and a son turning 16... and a meal to prepare for someone from church. Along with a few other extras and the normal duties of a wife/mom. All things I enjoy doing, but still that in-over-my-head feeling will surely be present!

We were fortunate to escape Irene with leaves and twigs being the only cleanup necessary. And we had electricity through the whole storm. Blessed indeed!

So I just thought I would warn you all that there probably won't be anything interesting being cooked or baked at our house this week. ☺

What does your week look like?

Be Blessed!

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  1. Times can sure get busy, can't they! It can be a "good" busy, but still a lot to do. Interesting to read about the things you have on your list. In our household, my husband will start a new job next week, I'll start home schooling my 7th grader next week, and it's supposed to actually cool down! So my days will be filled with house chores, feeding hubby and 2 sons (older one just graduated), home schooling, music, and quilting stuff. :)