Friday, June 8, 2012

It's For the Birds...

Natural Beauty

On a recent Sunday afternoon I was sitting in one of my favorite Sunday afternoon spots, the gazebo, reading and watching the bluebirds feed their hungry babies. Haha, we have a lot in common. ☺

Thought you all might enjoy the pictures so here they are.

Sadly a few days later I discovered that something, probably the straying cats around here raided the nest and the babies are no more. :( GGRRR!!!

I also discovered that a Carolina Wren has a nest in the greenhouse. She gets in through a vent. Love to hear them sing.

It was amazingly WARM in there with the door closed! I thought perhaps she was one of those smart multitasking women and layed her eggs in there so they would incubate by themselves while she could be doing other things. ☺ Or maybe she's one that is willing to be somewhat uncomfortable just so she can be alone. Most likely it seemed like the safest place unreachable by those same raider cats! haha, either way I really like the way they build their nests in a tunnel shape and she has 5 eggs in it.

Happy Friday to you all and thanks for stopping in!

~Be Blessed!~


  1. We don't have bluebirds! I want some! :)

    Love wrens...and that is the sweetest nest!

  2. lovely lovely pictures - bluebirds are so special!
    Mary x

  3. Sorry about the bluebirds. Is there a chance they fledged?
    After mine fledged I didn't see them for about 3 weeks and was starting to think maybe something got them. Now they are coming to the feeder by themselves. I thought there were only two but this morning I saw three.