Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I looked out the kitchen window yesterday and spotted this unusual visitor in the tree!!

A quick Google search told me it was a Peregrine Falcon. Wow! He was very much on the look out for a meal or snack.

He left when he decided the wait isn't worth it.

A few Saturdays ago Lin and I took the two youngest and headed for Longwood Gardens. It's always a mood brightener for me to go there when the weather is gray and the winter drags on. Just to smell the soil and the fresh blooming flowers, not to mention the Grapefruit Trees that were blooming! Awesome! Usually makes me feel like I might be able make it till Spring really gets here.
 Makes me want to grab a book and a blanket and bask and read :)
Love the color and the sunshine! :)

And these make me feel like I could maybe hold a bit of sunshine in my hand! The smell was wonderful!
 ♥ Serena :)

Last but not least.
I love this house! It's huge. And old. And I would love to live in it! It is the home of the man that planned and planted Longwood Gardens. And this is the house in the country that he would take his guests for weekends with his family. Don't you just love it?!


  1. Yes, I love that house! What character and so nicely kept up. Gorgeous!

    Wouldn't it be fun to have a grapefruit tree? ha.

    That Falcon is really beautiful! You got great photos! I love his ruffly front...reminds me of a George Washington shirt. haha.

    1. Isn't that house amazing?!!

      and those grapefruit blossoms smell even better than a grapefruit tastes!

    2. Yes! I love everything about it...glass roof, round windows, ivy, huge chimneys. :)

      I have never smelled a grapefruit blossom!

  2. That is one cool new pet you have there!