Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mango Mint Lemonade

I had 3 mangoes and a pile of lemons in my fridge drawer waiting for a purpose. I often drink lemon water but wasn't getting all of the lemons used lately. Today I happened to see them all in there again and decided it was time. Earlier last week I had thought about the fact that this combination with mint might be refreshing. And the tea bed out beside the house is in need of cutting.

Not being in the tea brewing mood today though, I decided to use the quicker version and use the blender for everything instead. The end result was indeed refreshing and my resident taste testers enjoyed it. :)

2 cups (packed) Apple Mint tea leaves, washed
6 lemons, washed and quartered
3 mangoes, peeled and sliced
4 cups ice
½ cup sugar
Stevia, to taste

Place mint leaves into blender, cover with water and blend well. Pour through a very fine sieve. I used a paper towel in the finest sieve I had.

Place lemon quarters into blender (in two batches) and cover with water. Blend well. Pour through fine sieve. No paper towel needed for this.

Puree mangoes.

Pour all 3 ingredients into a gallon container and add the ice, sugar, and water to fill the container. Add Stevia to taste.

Serve and enjoy!



  1. that sounds very tasty and refreshing!

  2. So refreshing!!! sounds wondeful!!
    Mary x