Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mushroom Sausage Breakfast Wrap and a Summer Giveaway

My breakfasts usually consist of some kind of fruit and a mixture of nuts but I was hungry for something heartier this morning... and I wanted an excuse to show you my favorite tomato knife and give you a chance to win one. :) But first the wrap, or burrito, whichever pleases you.
No rocket science here, just favorite ingredients all wrapped up in a favorite Sundried Tomato tortilla.
1 sausage patty, cut up
chopped onions
diced baby bella mushrooms
Garlic Oil, for sauteing
2 eggs, scrambled
shredded cheese
diced fresh tomatoes
1 tortilla
Saute veggies in oil, add sausage patty and set aside. Scramble a cook the egg. Assemble and enjoy with fresh, sliced garden tomatoes and a glass of fresh Mango Mint Lemonade for a satisfying breakfast. 
Now for the fun part:
Years ago a friend gave me one of these knives and it soon became one of my favorites. (It's great for cutting tomatoes but is also wonderful for lots of other veggies.) I was silly enough to lose the gift knife a few years after it was given to me and recently discovered that it can be purchased at a local kitchen gadget store. (It is super sharp and serrated. It's made in Germany by Messermeister. And the color makes me happy☺) I was indeed happy to discover this! So I thought I would share my delightful discovery with one of my lucky readers.
Giveaway entry requirement is simple:
If you're interested in winning simply leave me a comment to let me know you were here.
Make sure you also leave an email contact so I know where to reach you if you're the lucky one.

If you have trouble commenting on the blog here, just go to The Kitchen Cookie Facebook page (can be accessed from the side bar on the right) and comment there that you visited.
Giveaway closes August 3rd. Winner will be chosen August 5th.
Good luck and thanks for stopping in!


  1. Looks like a good breakfast and a good knife to make it!

  2. Don't forget an email address :)

  3. oh, I love ta-ma-ta knives! :) & yes, I have a similar one &! the breakfast wrap sounds de-lish...

  4. Breakfast look amazing. I love wraps/burritos like that. The knife looks like one I have in my drawer that I bought when we were in Germany. Its a great knife although its getting dull. I just said the other day that I need another one. :) :) :) My email is

  5. love your food blog and would love that knife!:)

  6. humm. The knife is somthing i never saw before but looks good! And the burrito - oh la la! Looks divine since I cannot have half the ingredients right now :( (nicole is lactose sensitive so no cheese, and no tomatoe and onion for me right now with nursing) email is floydnwilma@frontier dot com

  7. oh that wrap looks amazing! & i have a knife similar to that ine but you can always use more then 1 :)

  8. Love reading your blog, and can always use a good knife!

  9. I'm gonna have to pass on the eggs (I'm more of a cheesecake girl) but I can always use a knife that actually cuts. garrynrachelataoldotcom

  10. What a wonderful way to start the day !!
    Mary x

  11. My husband and his friend used my knives to attempt to cut the steel belt in a radial tire! I would love a SHARP knife! : )

  12. I love creative, unique and delicious breakfasts like this! I get tired of the same old, same old!

  13. your blog is my online new cookbook. i love good knives.