Sunday, September 1, 2013

Milestone Birthday!

Happy 18th Birthday to our firstborn!
To say that this number boggles my mind is an understatement! Time marches on I guess and waits for no one!
Andre loves being outdoors and is an avid hunter. He is quiet and easy going, enjoys children and is a loyal friend. He's very athletic and enjoys playing any action or contact sports with football being his first choice. He also volunteers on the local Fire Company with his Dad and brother. He is enjoying his Senior year in High School. :)
May God grant another year of blessings to the wonderful young man we call Son! We love you Andre!



  1. What a sweet, handsome young man! Happy Birthday to him!

  2. Happy Birthday to Him and congrats to his Mummy!!!!
    Mary x

  3. Yes, Martha, they grow up right before your eyes, in what seems like a flash! What a handsome young man you have, I know you are very proud of him!