Tuesday, June 24, 2014


She's my 'right hand lady' these days and she is learning to enjoy it. Laundry, cleaning, baking, helping outside, etc. She told me the other day "I bet you were so relieved when you had a girl! Haha I was indeed, but what she didn't think about was that the 3 boys before her did their fair share of these chores as well. :) And I distinctly remember them being relieved that we finally had a girl :) but I had to explain to them that they're stint of housework, etc will probably be traded for real jobs before she can take over. :)
She adores her pony.
...and keeps him sharp with the 'tricks' his former owners taught him. I declare he smiles when she rides him. I think it makes him happy too!


"Endless Summer"
It's the season my Dad always wished for here on earth and is now enjoying up in Heaven. :)

 I recently hosted a Garden Party for the ladies and girls from church and we enjoyed it a lot! Alas I didn't take many pictures that evening but can assure you it was lovely with candles burning at twilight and friends gathered to sit and chat and enjoy good food. One thing I especially enjoy just now is the honeysuckle!! How does one photograph the scent of honeysuckle?! Well, yes, of course it can't really be done but it is absolutely amazing to sit outdoors on a warm Summer evening at twilight with a slight breeze that is heavy with that scent. I've discovered a way to prolong it perhaps by burning honeysuckle candles from (Walmart) outdoors near where I sit . Heavenly! 

 Enjoy your evening!


  1. She is indeed lovely and such a sweet thing. I'm sure her pony is absolutely smitten with her, too! Your yard sure looks pretty. I think I need some honeysuckle!

    1. The honeysuckle, swoon, sigh, whatever it's awesome!

  2. I don't know where to start! I have wanted a horse since I was 8! Love the photos, especially of your daughter and those cookies! Your yard is MAGNIFICENT! Wow! Such well maintained and colorful plants. I would love to see it in person, a photographers dream! (o;

  3. Thank you Anita! I would love to have you visit it in person! :) Hope you're feeling well today!

  4. She is precious and looks like a real honey! Everything looks just beautiful Martha, wow!

  5. Beautiful daughter,beautiful horse and beautiful flower gardens!