Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ohio Weekend...


We spent the past weekend in Ohio for our usual end of Summer visit and also for the wedding of a Nephew. It was a very short but busy weekend and we enjoyed seeing my family again.
I know I've posted photos of my home place in Holmes County, Ohio before but I think it's beautiful and it makes me feel happy to look at it :)  So bear with me and be warned, there are lots of pictures!
Every time I visit I realize again that living in the country is definitely my first choice as opposed to living on the edge of town.
I'm not complaining, I'm merely stating a fact.
One of the benefits of living where I do now is the convenience of everything being handily close-by. And the beach is only a few hours away! :) 
 The pond wasn't here when I lived at home, it was just a field from which we wrangled scratchy crops of hay and corn. I've grown to love the water and the soothing atmosphere it lends to the place, and I think the trade off was well worth it! There's a road that goes right by the house, but it's still mostly a quiet place to live. And while I enjoy living in Lancaster County with all of it's beauty and benefits, I find the noise and busyness and the sheer volume of humanity that passes through in a days time less than soothing. Sometimes I dream of a wide open piece of sky somewhere far away from the hustle and bustle. :) You know, somewhere like Colorado, or Montana.
Ha, somewhere, I'm sure there was an eye roll just now! :)
Someday, maybe? But for now we will be happy here. After all, happiness is a choice, not a destination, right?
lol, when I snapped this photo Serena was with me and she gasped in consternation and said, "Mom! we're NOT tourists!"

There's an apartment on the farm that is used as a bed and breakfast (to the left of this photo) and that's where we usually stay when we visit. Quite lovely to be there but still have our own privacy!
My Mom loves flowers and landscaping and has always been good at it. She is, however, getting older and should think of slowing down (my opinion) but hasn't really indicated anything like that as of yet. :)

"fishing off the dock"
I think it would be easier with hooks and string, but who cares about easy if you can make it a challenge?!

Serena loves it here as well. There is always a horse in the barn to love on and she spends lots of time with it petting and dreaming. Not sure how much petting she did this time though. The horse that was there was new, (and enormous!) and looked a bit intimidating. But she still visited him and talked to him. :) And she has two girl cousins living close by who also love horses who enjoy hanging out with her.
And finally my Nephew and his Lovely Bride!
~Brian and Faith~
The bride and groom and their entourage came to take wedding photos so I trailed along behind and took a few of my own.☺
♥Have a blessed Thursday!♥


  1. I have family (my hubby's) in Holmes County as well. It's been a few years since we've been back there, but you can never post too many pictures of it for me. Such a beautiful area!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Oh? What part of H.C? Most of my siblings live in the Walnut Creek area.

    2. Homesville. I've been in Walnut Creek too though.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! And what beautiful weather you had for your photos! I can see why you love to return...I don't think anything can get any more beautiful than those scenes.

    Lovely couple too...weddings are so fun! Your nephew favors his cousins!

  3. Congratulations to the happy couple!
    It is a truly beautiful place! No wonder it has such a special place in your heart. I love seeing all the photos. Thanks for sharing.