Wednesday, February 26, 2014

This and That

Because my life really isn't all about food :) here's a peak of another part of my life.
It's coming people, God promised that it would.
The bird even agrees, and they know things.
These next few photos may not mean much to anyone but me but I love to look at them because yesterday morning these two rooms looked nothing like this!!
The Can Cellar
Just the after photos :) there's a real good reason for this.

I love things in order!

Lots of empty cans, I know, but... you know... Summer comes after Spring and then they'll be useful again. Oh and just to give you an idea of how full it was of these empty cans. The top shelf that you see... yep FULL of cans left here when we moved that I haven't used in the almost 8 years that we live here. Thank goodness for that Local Area Facebook Yard Sale thingy!! That was a brilliant idea BTW!
The Pantry
This room got a good clean up too this morning. I can walk all the way to the back shelf again! haha. In case you're wondering... no I didn't purposely put wildlife paneling on my pantry walls! This room had a different life before we lived here. :) And I have even different plans for it's future :)
We've been plunged into the deep freeze again.
And these... just because they're gorgeous! And because they visit me every day and somehow they always remind me of The Lord's Favor. Love them!!

Serena loves to go to this place by the Susquehanna River so on Sunday we took her down to check out the ice and snow.



  1. I love looking at closets and rooms that I've just cleaned and organized! It's very satisfying! I just took photos of my pantry last week...great minds. :)

    I love your pantry...and that the canning cellar is separate.

  2. This is very inspirational on many levels! Love how organized everything is...I need to do some of that too! And the bluebirds...such a sight to see. last year we saw our first one in mid-March. Today we have a high of -1. I sure hope they stay south for awhile! PS my niece goes to Susquehanna university...would she be near you?

    1. Thanks Anita! I think we are on target to get more snow and cold too. Now sure how I feel about this, haha! The bluebirds stay happy as long as I feed them my homemade suet.

      I think the University is something like 1½ hours Northwest from here. We are in the Gap area.