Thursday, February 27, 2014

Trim Healthy Parfait

Do you ever get that "I'm totally over food!!" feeling?
Well that's where I'm currently at. I'm tired of thinking about food and what I should prepare for the next meal or who might or might not like what I do prepare. So meals have been simple around here for quite a while and usually contain a salad and meat of some kind. I make no apologies for this because this seems to be what everyone feels the best on anyway and it's not time consuming. At least not usually. :) Wraps are another easy meal that we all enjoy with one exception. "The Princess" isn't crazy over them but she has to figure something out on her own if she doesn't like what is on the table, which she usually does. :)
Lunch is even simpler since it's just me and the photo above is one of two things that I currently enjoy the most. Easy, refreshing, with all the right components. Fruit, protein, fiber, and healthy fats. What's not to like?
And it's colorful and looks pretty. This is important, you know. :)
1% Cottage Cheese
Finely Shredded
Organic Coconut
Sliced Almonds
Very Yummy!
We were hoping to make a quick dash to Ohio this weekend to do three things. Watch Andre's basketball games and to see my new nephew and to see my parents, even though the visit would have been very brief. The weather however did not get our travel memo and doesn't look all that favorable so I'm leaning towards staying put but will talk to the kids and Lin tonight and see what they think.
My Dad's health is declining and although the visit would be brief it would still be really nice to go see him! I am planning a trip out there soon in March but will trust that God will tell me if I need to get there before that.
Pray for him??
Thank you!!


  1. yes, of course praying!

    Our dinners are almost always some kind of veggie or salad and meat. So simple, healthy and fast to prepare. I like to be able to get it on the table in 15-20 minutes.

    love the look of that trifle. :)

  2. Best thoughts for yor dad Martha....♥️
    That fruit looks delish.....I add no-fat yogurt....
    Linda :o)

  3. Martha - you and your dad have been on my mind the past week... hugs}}}} and may God's grace surround you and bring you peace and direction. my heart aches as you walk this path again...
    love and prayers