Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Favorites

Our Gift for the end of the day yesterday...

A Beautiful reminder of Promises kept,
and even more that He wants to give!

If He Promised it He will do it,
but you must also believe it's possible.
"Faith must be more than belief in certain facts;
it must result in action,
or it will die away".

And the flaming intensity afterwards. Amazing!
Through the garden...


The people that make my world go 'round...

And we've been doing a lot of this!
This is the first year that Lin gets to play on and coach a team that all his boys are on. It's something he has looked forward to since the time he realized it as a possibility. It's great fun to watch them do their thing and listen to their stories! My husband and I are both athletic and the boys seem to have acquired the right combo of athleticism which really makes it fun to watch their games. :)
Have a wonderful Day!



  1. What amazing rainbows and oh my that sunset. God's sky masterpieces are just stunning. I love the family photo's also,the colt looks like a lot of fun.

    Have a great day and week.

    1. Thanks Felicia! Yes they were simply beautiful!!

  2. Fun stuff! Love the last picture best! How cool is that? ha.