Monday, July 7, 2014

Vanilla Crumb Cake with Fresh Black Raspberries and Vanilla Whipped Cream

We are enjoying the delicious Black Raspberries from the garden and the surrounding woods
( as do the Robins and the other winged critters, grr!)
With the black raspberry and vanilla flavors often put together and with company coming for a party I thought it would be fun to make a sort of shortcake/coffeecake type of cake to eat with them. I had a couple of French Vanilla cake mixes on hand and decided to beef them up a little to improve the flavor and texture.
This got a thumbs up from everyone here and go very well with the black raspberries.
Although the boys still prefer to eat it it with strawberries. Either way it is a quick and easy route to destination delicious!!
2 French Vanilla Cake Mixes,
(reserve 8 oz. dry mix)
1 stick butter, browned and cooled slightly
1½ cups buttermilk
1 vanilla bean, (contents of)
1 Tablespoon clear vanilla
4 whole eggs + 1 yolk
Reserved dry mix
2/3 cup brown sugar
4 Tablespoons butter
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 vanilla bean (contents of)
heavy whipping cream
powdered sugar
Fresh Black Raspberries
Mix the cake mix according to package directions using the buttermilk and butter as substitutes for the water and oil with the addition of vanilla extract and bean contents. Cut the bean in half and scrape the inside with a spoon.
For the crumbs cut the butter into the dry ingredients until small pea sized crumbs form and sprinkle over the top of the batter.
Bake in a non-stick sprayed large cookie sheet @350° until a cake tester inserted close to the center comes out clean. Approximately 20-25 minutes. (I used a square Princess House bar pan and an 11 x 7 x 1.5 in glass baking pan).
Serve with Whipped cream and fresh black raspberries.
I like to put a little sugar on the berries and stir them and then let them sit long enough for the juices to form and then spoon it over the cake.
Happy Monday!


  1. what a lovely use for the berries - delicious!

  2. Mmmm....I can almost smell that! Looks beautiful, too!