Friday, January 2, 2015

Free Spirit...

Going for an afternoon trot on a beautiful, brisk, sunny afternoon. This is what she loves to do!

Christmas was spent in Ohio and the kids enjoyed unlimited time with cousins while Lin and I hung out with brothers and sisters and my Mom. We had a wonderful time!

I have two nieces who mentor Serena in her love for horses. Tiana and Rachael. And although she is 10 and they are 15 and 21 they always have time for her and all enjoy each other. She usually ends up at a sleepover at one place or another while we are there.

This particular weekend they put her on Tiana's big horse 'Princess', set up some jumps and taught her to jump. Scary thought! But she managed to stay on and I fear the 'pony stage' is almost over.

She does still love her special pony 'Lightening' but also realizes that she will soon be too tall for him so she's in the process of deciding whether to keep him and move him with us to Colorado or not. It would take him months to acclimate to the higher elevation and she would have to wait those months to ride him. So I guess whatever she decides...

About a month ago I was scheduled to do a giveaway for Dorcas Smucker's new book "Footprints On The Ceiling" but because of internet issues was unable to do so.
So if you enjoy heartwarming, true stories about real, down-to-earth families with a wonderful sense of humor, you will enjoy this one! It is easy to read, and hard to lay down once started! I enjoy Dorcas' style of writing and although I have never met her, her books have a way of making you feel like you've made a new friend or perhaps known her for a long time.
Spread the word and stop by on Monday for the belated Giveaway post!
♥Be Blessed!♥

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  1. Serena looks like she's having fun! And now that you mention it, she does look a little big on that pony!