Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Love Spinach and Favorite Things

I've fallen in love with SPINACH

I'm not sure when I became hooked on Spinach but I've come to really enjoy this stuff  and these are a few ways I have been enjoying it. On my personal pizza along with fresh button mushrooms, onions, hot peppers, with a little bit of meat and cheese. Sometime I'd love to have it with sundried tomato pesto and fresh mozzerella cheese with a little fresh basil on top of everything.

And I absolutely LOVE it in a stir fry I make sometimes with broccoli, onions, red bell peppers over the best brown and wild rice mixture I've ever been lucky enough to eat. Perfect combination of goodness right there. And it's always better when I eat it with my red handled fork. Presently I have one fork, one spoon, and one knife like this in the house. My daughter and I both like to eat with them. I think I shall purchase more of them on my next visit to Ohio. That's where I bought these. Maybe we're quirky about this but I don't think that can be helped.

Be Blessed!!

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