He's 16!!

How did this happen?!?!

16 years ago we were blessed with our first son! I know all parents say this but seriously wasn't it just yesterday that he meandered aimlessly through the tall grass in the yard swatting at even taller dandelion that was white spent? He has always been more on the quiet side. Easy to please, easily entertains himself, and makes friends easily. Is very athletic and loves to play sports. Enjoys hunting and playing with his 2 brothers. Between the three of them they can concoct any game that involves a ball. Football season is almost here and this makes them all happy!

This is what they do in the morning before school. I never need to wake him up for school. He has an inner alarm clock and has never been a late sleeper! Bonus!!

Yesterday afternoon in the midst of my pear peeling I had a brainstorm that involved cupcakes and surprises. So I made some cupcakes to take to school for a surprise treat in honor of his birthday. The cupcakes are just a cake mix but the icing was scrumptious! I ♥ Buttercream Icing! Peanut Butter Buttercream - new fav! Also Chocolate Fudge Buttercream - another new fav!

Lin's family that lives around here was here this evening for a birthday supper.

They also had Icebreakers at school today, he was totally pumped about that too! I think he enjoyed his milestone birthday and we had a good day celebrating him!

Now to put him behind the wheel - deep breath, exhale - deep breath, exhale...


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