Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Pleasures...

*Summer Fresh*

I went "bounty" hunting early this morning, and these were some of my finds.

Summer in our neck of the woods keeps racing along. I'm sure it's the story for most everyone. So many things to do and only so much time. Well, I'm here to tell you that there are things right here at home that can be enjoyed. Small things, but who says it has to be a big thing? Lots of times we are too busy to notice that we are blessed with abundance and beauty all around us.

*Summer Beauty*


I love these beauties! The scent coming from their green veined throats is fabulous! I told my son to take a sniff and he gave an appreciative exclamation. ☺ I told him they are Casa Blanca Lillies and his reply was "whatever". Haha, gotta love those guys!

We had a busy weekend with my husbands Aunt and Uncle and cousins and their families coming for the weekend from the Midwest. It was fun to catch up with them again after not seeing them for 2 years but it's nice too to get back to a more normal pace with my own schedule. And a bit more privacy. ☺ Not much to be had with 61 people milling around. But it was fun while it lasted! ☺

Serena has been enjoying time in our pool with a friend or 2 every Thursday. Last week is was her cousin Sarah who also stayed for a sleepover. Two happy, excited girls who spent hours in the water.

Happy Tuesday to all of you! I'm off to trim some flowers and figure out what to do with all the zucchini and what to prepare for supper.



  1. Nice garden stuff! I had those two early tomatoes and now haven't had another red one. But tons of green ones still growing. I have a feeling they are all going to ripen at once. lol.

    We've been enjoying zucchini, too. yum.

    Your flowers are gorgeous!

  2. Looks like you won the lottery, I LOVE all your fresh produce and yes we are truly blessed and so bountifully supplied with "more than we could ask or imagine"!