Saturday, November 10, 2012

2 Crunchy Salad Toppers

Who needs croutons...
 when there's something even better?
Crunchy, slightly sweet, and perfect for my favorite salad.
These crunchy and sweet almonds are such a yummy addition to the Feta Craisin Salad that I've been enjoying lately. It takes a little bit of patience to get them just right but they are worth it.
2-3 cups sliced Almonds
½ cup white sugar
Place a large saute pan over low heat and stir/toss until it begins to melt. Add the almonds and continue to stir till the sugar is mostly melted or the almonds begin to brown. I don't really like them too brown so when they begin to get too dark I pour them onto a large piece of non stick sprayed parchment paper and spread them out to cool and dry. Break apart and store in a glass jar with a tight lid.
Ramen Noodles are another favorite of mine for salad toppings.
3 packages Ramen Noodles,
4-6 Tablespoons butter
1/3 cup white sugar
In a saute pan melt the butter over medium low heat. Add the sugar and crushed ramen noodles and stir/toss until the noodles are mostly browned and the sugar is caramelized. Pour onto a large non stick sprayed piece of parchment paper and spread in a thin layer. Allow to cool and break apart. Store in a glass jar with a tight lid.
Enjoy the crunch they add to your favorite salad.

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  1. yum. Both of those sound delicious! Better than croutons, I'm thinking!