Friday, November 9, 2012

Fun Things

Every November our children have two days off from school so the teachers can attend MACSA (Mid-Atlantic Christian School Association) Convention. The guys always go hunting at my Father-In-Laws cabin in the mountains. Sometimes Serena and I don't plan much and just stay at home but this year I decided we need to do a few fun things or she might start thinking she would rather go hunting and then I would be at home by myself. Ha, I kind of expect her to want to hunt anyway. She isn't much for dolls and things. She'd much rather spend her time outside in the woods or doing something with horses or whales. She has insisted for several years that she's going to be a veterinarian and work with horses. I guess time will tell. ☺ I guess if/when she decides to go hunting I could always decide to go along too and be the camp cook. ☺ Anyway, we've been doing a few fun things while the men are hunting. I thought I would share them here. I hope you enjoy them too!

If you have not been to see any of Sight and Sound Theaters productions, I would highly recommend it! They have an incredible way of bringing the Bible to life. They have a theater in Strasburg, Pennsylvania and one in Branson, Missouri. We enjoyed the story of Jonah last night.
We all have a Ninevah, don't we?
They are showing this one till the end of December.

Here we are ☺ she with her Spring Yellow and me with my Autumn Yellow. Ha, this made me chuckle, but I don't very often fuss about the clothes she chooses as long as she's covered and they are clean. I figure there will be enough of other things we will have to work to agree on. I'm not sure how many times I have put this piece of yellow clothing away because it no longer fits like I think it should, but she keeps finding it and informing me that it is NOT too tight!
Living with her is a bit like looking in the mirror.  ☺ Love her! She/they have taught me many things about myself.
Today we enjoyed the Chrysanthemum Festival at Longwood Gardens. We have a pass for the year for this beautiful, take-the-wintertime-blues-away place. To go there when it's cold and dead outside is the epitome of refreshing encouragement. The smell, the warmth. Ahhh, wonderful! It isn't quite winter (it was a perfectly beautiful day outside) but going there any time of the year is a treat. We took my MIL along as a guest. Thanks Mom for going with us! We loved having you along!
I will show you lots of beautiful flower photos but this one tops them all!
One stem and 1,339 blooms!!!
Incredible! They grow two of these, one for 'insurance' and one for display. It takes 7-9 months. They move them just like this with the help of their local fire company. Each flower has it's own wire spiral to keep it in place.

Stemmed Sunshine
Someday, I will take a book and go there, and sit for hours and read and relax by these lovely waterfalls and pool. I found a lovely little nook beside this area that would be perfect for that kind of thing.

The big plants hanging from the ceiling are huge potted sweet potato vines.

These Orchids smelled heavenly.
As did the Camellias and Jasmine flowers here and there.
My "Sweet Little Flower" ☺
These were huge!

Some of their outdoor beauty. I was intrigued by the bird on top of the shrub on the right.
They have a beautiful Christmas event (outdoor and indoor) as well that we enjoy going to so I'm going to start looking forward to that. ☺
If you get a chance to go to any of their events make sure you do. It is a beautiful place!


  1. What a great time you are having - those flowers are incredible!!
    Mary x

  2. Wow! What a very neat place! I had to read that part twice about one stem. No way! I thought they were all long stemmed, cut and placed in vases in that shape! That's almost too much to comprehend. I wonder how much water that plant takes.

    You sound like you're having lots of fun. More fun than hunting, I think :)

  3. Sight and Sound is awesome!!
    Haven't seen Jonah but saw most of the rest. Daniel is the other one I missed. Hope they bring that one back sometime. Noah and Miracle of Christmas were my favorite.

  4. So pretty!!!! The flowers, you, your daughter. :)

  5. Lovely gardens and post. Have a good week.

    PS A big thank you for following Carole's Chatter