Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Sometimes when life threatens to swallow me whole I look around me and realize anew that Someone much bigger than me and LOTS more capable than me has it all under control.
Huge relief, that!

 It doesn't mean that suddenly everything is what I would call perfect.
It means my perspective has returned and I can breathe again.
Trust doesn't necessarily always have a plan, that's why it's called trust.
...and PRAYER...it really does make a difference!
This is what happens when perspective returns
I was asked to bake a cake for an event and tried this one on for size. YUM! Butter Pecan Cake. Thanks to my Mom for sharing the recipe with me. I have a few changes I want to make to it before sharing it with you all. That topping on there is wonderful!
Have a wonderful evening!


  1. Beautiful words that are so true!! Your photos of the country landscape are lovely, and the cake looks delicious! :)