Friday, April 26, 2013

A Birthday, A Basement, and Random Things of Beauty

Over the last month we've celebrated Shawn's 16th Birthday several times. Once with just our family, once in Ohio with my family,

and once with extended family and school friends. We rented a gym and they played some volleyball and basketball.

That's Shawn going for a spike!
He came home a few weeks ago from school and said "Mom today we were playing volleyball and when I went up to spike it, all the girls on the opposing team ran screaming for the sidelines!" He had a big grin on his face and I believe he got a kick out of that. From what I hear he can really pound it. But I guess if you're 6'2" and have decent athletic ability you really should be able to do that.

 It's always fun to watch how your kids grow up from year to year. The character strengths that are more pronounced as they grow older and of course there is always the evidence too that our parental guidance is still needed :)

He loves action, is a loyal friend, has a tender heart that loves to help and comfort people, recently joined our local fire company and is loving that! He works hard, has an opinion about everything and most of the time feels like he should share it too. And yes, to those of you who know me, he gets that from me! :) Although I have learned the art of having an opinion and not making it known .Imagine that!! He is looking forward to the end of school and having a job. He says he doesn't really care what he works he just wants to work hard. I consider that a blessing because he's got plenty of energy and a strong healthy body.

I can usually tell if he's had a good day at school or not as soon as they drive into the garage in the afternoon. He is talking or singing LOUDLY before the car even stops! :) He definitely helps keep things lively around here!

Shawn I love the sparkle you add to our lives, and the dimples that flash when you smile. :) God will use your abilities in amazing ways!

A long time ago I promised you a few pictures of our basement redo. What started out as a quick update turned into a long, pricey ordeal because of mold. But we are very happy with the end results and have been enjoying the fresh, new look and feel of some hard labor. Thanks to my husband for some DIY, the boys for their unending, uncomplaining patience as they waded through the mess to get to their rooms for weeks on end. And thanks to our carpenter friend Rod, for coming right away when we realized we were in over our heads!
I don't have before picture but if you have any imagination at all you can picture it. Rusty Brown 80's carpet and linoleum, & brown cupboards.  I'm sure it looked great in it's time but it was desperately in need of a fresh look!!

The moon has been amazing lately! I opened my eyes this morning and the first thing I saw was a pink moon!! Who could stay in bed when there are beautiful things to photograph and early morning walks to be enjoyed??!!

Perfection that only God can achieve!
We are all looking forward to a brief time in Ohio for a nieces wedding this weekend. Leaving today and coming home on Sunday afternoon in time for the youth group to come for some volleyball and a hot dog roast. Hopefully the beginning of many evenings like that. :) I'm hoping the weather cooperates. And just so you know, I have friends coming to stay here and house sit and feed the animals while we are gone. Just in case someone was intending to stop by to "raid the cupboards" while we are gone. :)


  1. Happy Birthday wishes to your dear (and handsome) Shawn! What a fine young man he is.

    Wonderful redo of your basement. Lots of work, I am sure but how nice it turned out!

    We have a wedding tomorrow too, about an hour away. I have been hit hard with some kind of bug
    and hope I am well enough to attend.

    My husband and I lived in Ohio (suburb of Cleveland) and our oldest child was born there. It is where we came to know the Lord as savior. We were there for about two years.

  2. Happy Birthday to Shawn! Nothing at all wrong with celebrating for days! :) Funny volleyball story, too! ha. I bet the girls do scatter if that ball is going to come down on them at lightning speed. ha.

    Your basement looks really great! With a bath and kitchen down there, I'm surprised your boys say there is never a need to leave! What a great place and I'm sure you're loving all that extra space!

    Have a fun trip out here this weekend! I'm still contemplating how to have all my animals fed when we come your way this summer! lol....

    1. ps...we had clouds! No pink moon for me! :( You captured it perfectly in that photo!

  3. I'm curious what color your bathroom paint is...I'm working on a before and after post with a color almost exactly like that.

    1. Hey Rachel, I think the color was Brookside Moss from Benjamin Moore Regal Select

  4. Have a wonderful time at the wedding! You have a very handsome and delightful sounding son. Love your basement remodel, that room has to be so very useful!