Monday, April 29, 2013

Ohio Weekend

We spent a very short weekend in Ohio with family. In front of my brothers house, where we always stay, is a very large pond and I love to sit on the dock and watch the swallows as they dip and dive, eating bugs and gathering water to make their mud nests. I love to feel the breeze that is usually present and listen for the Spring Peepers and Bullfrogs. I like to walk around the pond and look for big fish, too. The kids like to fish sometimes, but no one did it this time.
It was a beautiful afternoon and I was waiting there hoping for some pretty sunset pictures but the sky kept getting more and more overcast. So, no sunset pictures but I did get a few shots that I love of the neighboring farms. I love how they reflect in the water and how the hill envelops the homestead in it's embrace. I loved each of the editing processes so I thought I'd share them both with you :)

My Uncle raised his family on this farm and now his son and grandsons do the farming. I had a cousin who was a few months younger than I who lived here and we were best friends. We spent countless hours together, riding bikes, exploring, doing chores, etc. In the winter when sledding was possible we would ride our sleds on that very long hill behind the barn. The ride down was always great, and the walk back up to the top seemed endless! 

 Neighbors to the East
"The House That Built Me"
(or perhaps I should say 'helped' to build :)

My 3 handsome sons coming to join Mom, Dad, and Sis on the dock
Posing with my Sister (center) and my Niece and the real reason they want to live in Ohio on the far left, their favorite Cousin. It's the one thing I know my boys miss out on because we live here in Pa. away from my family. Having cousins closer to your own age who have the same interests you do is lots of fun! But we enjoy our family here as well and know that this is where God has chosen for us to live, for now at least. :)
My sweet Niece Brittany and Lynn
We loved being at your wedding and wish you many happy years together!

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  1. Your pictures are totally amazing Martha and your family is gorgeous, those are VERY handsome boys, indeed! :)