Saturday, April 13, 2013

Random Beauty...

...all things Bright and Beautiful, all creatures great and small... 
...The Lord God made them all.

We had a few rainy days this week and I happened to notice this Finch on the bejeweled tree outside my kitchen window. So I had to stop and make sure it was properly appreciated. :) 
This little beauty was singing, even in the rain. It was a reminder for me that I can still offer an encouraging song when life 'rains' on me. Someone who needs the encouragement might be watching. And in turn, I myself, will be encouraged, and the 'rain' won't seem so unbearable.
I've enjoyed watching and listening to birds since I was very young.
 I asked Serena to find our bird books and asked my hubby for his hunting binoculars so that when the migrating birds start passing through I'll be ready. :) I can usually hear (if the windows are open) when a different bird comes into the area by it's song. Then it's always fun to go outside and try to find it.
Happy weekend to everyone! I hope you make time to relax and enjoy the Spring beauty.


  1. Well, I think that is the most lovely bird photo EVER!! Wow...that is a gorgeous sight!
    Isn't it interesting how you can step outside all winter and not hear the birds and as soon as spring begins to come, they are singing? It's so cheery!

    Singing in the perfect.

    1. well, thank you, Betsy! :) those raindrops make it special, don't they?

      Perhaps life-rain is what gives us our special qualities too, eh? If we allow it that is. hmmm, gotta think about that.

      Hope you're having a wonderful and relaxing Sunday!

  2. So pretty!! I always hope something unusual will stop by. About the only one I get migrating by is a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak. I always wish he would stay around but he always leaves after a day or two.