Thursday, November 14, 2013

Simple Pleasures...


The Maple leaves have finally fallen. Most of the time I get the boys to pick them up with the mower without even blowing or raking them but tonight there was quite a pile and I knew Serena wanted to play in them so I made an enormous pile and told her to enjoy. She did! :)

I was in the kitchen a few days ago doing some baking when I had a sudden inspiration. Instead of making regular Fudge Bars why not make some White Fudge Bars?! After thinking about some of the details I baked them for some friends that came over last night, and I shared some with my neighbor and the school teachers this morning. I was told they pass the test! :)  I'll share them with you after I bake them one more time. :) They look festive and I think they're scrumptious, but then, I may be biased! haha


1 comment:

  1. Oh those are great photos of Serena in the leaves! How very fun!!

    white fudge bars...ooh, I am intrigued! yum.