Monday, November 4, 2013

White Mocha Mint Latte and Other Random Photos

Because some mornings just simply need something more than granola or a smoothie.
Here is an alternative that will give you the comfort (or the kick in the pants) you need to get going on a Monday morning. :)
12 oz. farm fresh whole milk
2 oz. white chocolate chips
1 Sm. York mint patty
1 tube Nescafe Memento
(Mocha flavored)
Heavy Cream
Vanilla extract
Heat the milk, chips, and the mint patty over medium heat until the chocolate is melted and the milk is piping hot. Don't boil! Pour into a favorite cup and top with Vanilla whip and enjoy!


This is a recipe I'm working at perfecting. Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast with a Citrus, Honey and Ginger Glaze. It's yummy! :)
Serena and I recently went on a tramp through the countryside while our men were off hunting for deer. They brought us this!
One of our favorites! Grilled Venison Tenderloin! Awesome!
She thought these cornstalks looked like they were reaching for something. :)
A familiar sight in Lancaster County. If a buggy can be considered attractive, I think the buggies in Lancaster are among the MOST attractive. But having rode in buggies till I was 20 nothing could convince me to get back into one! They just don't seem all that safe to me. And, 1 horse power? Seriously, that's slow!!
The long shadows tell us which Season we are in.

And the bright, beautiful foliage against the blue, blue sky. Hard to beat!
She spends a good bit of time with this fella, putting him through his paces and galloping through the meadow.

Excuse the double watermarks. I was having issues with my photo uploads this morning.
My yard is buried in leaves and looks like a mess so I'm heading out there soon to create some order again. Hopefully the boys can help with that when they get home from school today.
The past week was busy with preparing for Lin's Mom and Dads estate sale. The sale was on Saturday. While it's nice to have that behind us, it was another reminder of why we had to do it. We miss Dad a lot but are happy for him that he is pain free and in the presence of his Creator and Redeemer. 


  1. I'm glad your weekend sale went well!

    Wow...I sure did enjoy your pictures...gorgeous! The food looks yummy,too!

  2. I -for one- am eagerly awaiting that Bacon Wrapped Chicken recipe!

  3. Your latte looks wonderful Martha and your Serena is beautiful! Love your photos of the countryside too!