Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Blessed Christmas to All!

Every photo has a story:

So every year I hope to take the perfect family Christmas photo.
Funny, because I always procrastinate about this. And... well... the guys are never actually begging to pose.
But this year I felt all organized and clever because I was going to get it done when we went to Ohio for my nephews wedding. In September, no less!
But alas, I forgot my clothes that I had planned to wear!
(This wasn't the first time this year that this kind of thing had happened!)
What's happening to me?!?!
 I had everyone else's but mine.
 So out of necessity I begged some from my sister. She was happy to share and, um, out of her 2 closets and quite a few drawers we were able to make me look reasonably presentable.
To add to the drama we waited till right before we left for the wedding and had to rush a bit... then my husbands phone rang... sigh...
Then the silliness took over... yes, even teenagers do it!
Just don't ask me why it's usually the same one being a clown. :)

So here is my conclusion:
We are not perfect so the perfect photo will probably never happen, but we love to laugh, we love to have fun, and sometimes life is just plain funny, even if it doesn't go as planned. It's best to roll with it and not obsess about what could have been. :) Because sometimes what is, is wonderful just the way it is.

Merry Christmas from my house to yours!


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