Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chicken Stir Fry

I'm loving my lunch today. Some of my favorite colors and flavors right there!

I spent the morning on the truck with my husband (propane delivery) and it was chilly and windy so by the time I got home at lunch time I was hungry and ready to warm up!

I tried a recipe last night for supper, for Chicken Marsala, and was not at all satisfied with it. Hate when that happens. Too much of this, too much of that, not enough flavor all around, so I think I'll by pass that one and find one that compares with the one I had at Carrabas. Yum! The kids were good sports and tasted it and okayed (except for the mushrooms ☺) it but I thought it was best without the sauce. So for lunch today I cubed a small piece and stir fried it with broccoli, spinach, red pepper, and shallots. Much better! I love the vibrant colors, too! Food is always better when it looks pretty :).

Now that I've warmed up maybe I should go trim the roses at the shop, they are in dire need of attention! These sunny days beckon me to come outside even if they are still on the cooler side.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday!



  1. It is disappointing, isn't it, when a new recipe isn't very good. The plate in your photo looks delicious, though!

    1. Thanks Betsy! I found a few others that I want to use as a guide. I think I can do it :)

  2. It's too bad the recipe didn't turn out as good as you hoped but you turned the leftover chicken into something really tasty for lunch!