Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

sunrise on morning 1
We enjoyed a lovely weekend in Ohio with my family, celebrated a few birthdays, the kids enjoyed some time with cousins, chatted with sisters and my Mom, we caught up with married nieces and nephews and their cute little babies. ☺☺☺
My husband also got to run a rescue call with my brother-in-law (and the local fire company) using his expertise to save a man from drowning in a creek after he flipped his vehicle into it. He's a good guy to have around in a crisis because he is not easily rattled and stays calm.☺ Great job, Lin!

Home Sweet Home

sunrise on morning 3

                                                                                     (cake credits go to my sister Becky)            

               ♥ Mom and Dad ♥

  L to R: Becky, Laura, Mom, me, Karen, Rosanna, Ann, Miriam

And now we get back to the daily routines.
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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