Monday, December 31, 2012

Nature Walk, Blog Plans and A Happy New Year!

The Beauty Of Nature
I took a walk through my neighborhood with my camera... to practice some different skills. You know, different from the ones I use in the kitchen. I enjoyed it immensely!
I've been thinking of using my blog for more of a personal space about life in general and not about food alone. Although food will still be a part of it. :)
I would love to hone some photography skills and concentrate on a few other things that feel more important just now but still would love to stay in touch with all of you.
I promise, I'll bake something yummy for you now and then :)
So I'm hoping you'll stick around and come "see" me when you have a spare moment.
I would like to spend more time noticing things, no matter how small, that remind me of who I am and why I'm here.

May your New Year be filled with Blessings and meaningful encounters with God that will fill you with Wonder and Joy and Peace and make you thirsty for more.

♥♥♥ ♥♥♥


  1. What a lovely idea...because cooks have other areas of their lives, too! Can't wait to see what you share.

    Your photos are beautiful! Is that a sunset or sunrise?

    thirsty for that.