Thursday, December 20, 2012

Healthy Options and Randomness

I'm enjoying my simple healthier lunches right now. They often look like this or slight variations of this. Lots of spinach, sometimes lettuce, a bit of onion, blueberries or craisins, feta cheese, almonds or pecans, and sometimes the crunchy ramen noodles. The Dressing is a simple, equal amounts mixture of Red Wine Vinegar and Olive Oil with a bit of Stevia Powder to sweeten it up a bit.

Sometimes they look like this:

I've had a juicer for several years but would only juice sporadically. I've been juicing more regularly and I'm hoping somehow I can turn the kids on to this. Wish me luck? haha  I'm still learning what it is that my taste buds will accept and I'm not planning to abandon my love for baking cheesecakes any time soon :) but for now this has me intrigued and I'm enjoying experimenting of a different kind.
I juiced: 1 small red beet
4-5 carrots
1 lemon
a handful of spinach
I wasn't brave enough to just chug it down so I mixed it with an equal amount of red orange juice (from blood oranges) and can honestly say it was yummy! And It's such a pretty color too! :)
It's all about the baby steps. :)
Blueberries and Pomegranate Seeds - Yum!
I asked two of the boys to cuts some greens for me recently and mentioned they should get some of the higher branches thinking they would simply reach as high as they could but the minds of Mothers and Boys don't always work the same. My son called my cell phone and asked me to come outside and I found that they had taken me literally. haha such characters!

With three boys in the house there's rarely a dull moment. This is generally how they feel about each other :) with the occasional, uh, shall we say, disagreement? haha  Lots of wrestling, football and refrigerator raids. But I love them to pieces and would do just about anything for them. They have taught me SO much about life. And to think, I thought I knew it all when I was 17! Please tell me I'm not the only one!
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  1. That's my favorite salad! yum! I agree it really is a meal in itself!

    And I have no doubt that red orange juice 'saved' the veggie juice blend. haha. It's a beautiful color, though!

    Love the pics of the boys. fun!

    1. ha yep 'saved' is the word :) but I love it that I get more veggies than I used to! I 'save' some other concoctions with grape or apple juices :)

  2. oh, 'my' boys! :) & drinking red beets...girl, you're braver than i! :) ma

  3. The salad looks delicious. I love blueberries & pomegranate seeds together.

  4. boys, boys, somehow i can imagine and picture it all happening... and in a few years it may be me.:} blessings to you all. (i told carlin to find people in the trees... he looked and after a bit smiled!! and now that's all he wants to see. go back, mom) :} love you, judith