Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spicy Chicken and Black Bean Quesadilla

Remember these? I used one to make a hearty quesadilla recently. I had a bit of avocado in the fridge along with some habenaros that I added for extra heat and some cheddar jack cheese. Put it all on a flour tortilla with a bit of butter and season it with Fiesta Citrus seasoning and Cumin. Served with sour cream and salsa it was delicious!

Today was a blustery day with a bit of rain and snow. I helped (along with 3 other Moms) serve hot lunch at the school where our two youngest children attend. Serena's classroom had Occupational Dress Up Day today as well. They were to dress up as an occupation they want to have when they grow up and give a short report on what it is that they would do if they had that job. I saw a Policeman, Cowboys, Nurses, Musician/Singer, Football Player, Photographer, Cowgirls, Rancher, someone in Case Tractor Sales, a Gap Power worker, Chef/Baker, Painter, and an Equine Veterinarian. Horse Vet as Serena would say. Yep, that last one was my daughter. She's been insisting on this for several years. I guess time will tell. But she does love horses, so who knows? They were all cute! Another younger classroom had Hat Day. February is always a fun month for them because of all the special things they do for February Fun.
Yesterday was rather disappointing for my husbands family. Dad-In-Law thought he would possibly be released from his stay at the hospital but started with a massive sinus infection :( and was not able to come home after all!
Please pray with us that this would clear up quickly so he could come home! We appreciate your prayers and believe every one of them makes a difference!
Have a wonderful evening!
♥Be Blessed!♥


  1. that's the best hot school lunch I've ever seen! :)

    horse vet...that would be a fun, rewarding job!

    sorry about the FIL...that had to be disappointing! Hope he's better soon!

  2. well, this isn't what we had for hot lunch. :) I grilled some marinated chicken breasts for sandwiches with all the fixings, veggies and dip, fresh fruit and cupcakes, seasoned pretzels/chips and lemonade. They might have thought it was summer only the weather wouldn't cooperate :)

  3. These sound wonderful, Martha. I love easy to put together meals like this. Sorry about your father-in-law, hope this setback is very minor. Just said a prayer for him.

  4. Oh Martha! these look like the perfect dinner!!
    Mary x

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