Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fresh Mint Garden Tea - No Boil Method

AAAHHH, Summer!!

 Well almost. The tea is growing nicely in the herb garden and we have been enjoying the fresh mint flavor once again!

Don't know about you but I always think the traditional way of making iced tea is time consuming because you have to heat the water, brew the tea, than cool everything off again. Too many wasted steps, I think. And who has large amounts of refrigerator space (especially in the summer) to cool several gallons of tea at a time. (When I do it that way I think I have to make several at a time to make it worth it.) I was reminded recently of an easier method that brings out a stronger mint flavor and is not heated at all! Lovely! I made some today and everyone said it's better than the regular stuff. Who am I to argue with 5 people?!

Ingredients in bold.

Wash Tea Leaves (stems removed) place in a blender (6 cup size) until it's full then press down gently and fill again to the 5 cup mark. Add water to cover. Blend well. Pour mixture into a half gallon jar. and fill with water. Cover and refrigerate. I blended mine in the forenoon and finished the tea to drink with our supper.

When you are ready to finish it, put through a sieve,  then I like to put it through again with a paper towel in the sieve to catch all the small stuff.

Put some ice into the tea and fill gallon pitcher with water. (Works well if you have tea flavored ice cubes), I didn't have any today so I just used regular ones and took them out again when it was good and cold so the flavor would not be diluted. Sweeten with your choice of sweetener. I used Stevia and a bit of sugar. It was refreshing and delicious!!

~Be Blessed!~


  1. I will definitely have to try this method.Thanks for the tip.

  2. I wish my tea would be ready to cut. I love my ice tea maker. Can't live without. I can have 3 qts. ready in about 5 mins. Lois

  3. This sounds delicious and so refreshing - and my husband will be so happy to get rid of some of the mint - he says it's overtaking the yard! :) I love it!