Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Afternoon Activity and a Teaser

I thought I should prove to anyone who might be wondering,that I do indeed do more around here than experiment in my kitchen. The weather has been pretty much perfect the last few days and I've been working outside. Love it out there!

The walkway that goes off of the patio needed help and the pillars were not there, so I fixed up the walkway and built the pillars this afternoon. It was not a difficult job but it did take a bit of muscle!Those round balls on the top? Heavy!! The sun and the wonderful breeze made a perfect working environment and the bluebirds and the cardinals serenaded me as I worked. Okay they were romancing each other, but I benefited from it. ☺

It's not perfect, I know. But the feeling of satisfaction is nice. And if I end up not liking it I can get rid of it without feeling guilty about $$$ spent. That's the beauty of DIY! ☺

I'll give you a glimpse of something so yummy we ate it two nights in a row (fresh made, not leftovers) last week. The boys told me I should start a restaurant because of it. Ha, not happening! They are warming up to my experiments though.☺ Nice to have their vote of confidence. I promise to post it next week, but for now I think it's time I go sleep.

round 1

round 2

And this was my lunch today with some of the leftovers. Amazing!

Enjoy your weekend!

Be Blessed!!


  1. It looks yummy whatever it is. I detect Bacon, Pineapple? Chicken?
    Good job on the pillars and I love that straight perfect edge on your flowerbed. No matter how hard I try I can't get them to look like that.

    1. Thank you Pearl, I don't use any fancy gadgets to make an edge. I use either a shovel or a very sharp thin hoe.

      You're on the right track with the food :)

  2. ooh...nice addition to your yard! I am so impressed! And that food looks amazing! I love kabobs...and grilled pineapple? yummy!

    1. Thanks Betsy! Yes theres some pineapple on those kabobs. Actually forgot them for round 2

  3. Fab job on the DIY project and looks like you had a lot of yummies!

  4. did get it done! lovely!