Monday, January 16, 2012

Pure and Simple Vanilla Bean Cheesecake

I prepared this cheesecake for Christmas Dinner dessert for my family that was here visiting from Ohio. I made one several weeks ago that was similar only that one had white chocolate in it. This one is pure and simple vanilla bean. The flavor and texture are superb and the fresh berries compliment it perfectly. I realize I'm beginning to sound like a broken record with all the cheesecakes, but seriously, it's all true! ☺ I know I said the one before this was my new favorite but guess what?! I think this one is the new fav! The reason being? It is not as sweet and rich because it's minus the chocolate. Really, really enjoyed this one!

Crust Ingredients:
7 graham crackers, finely crushed
30 Nilla Wafers, finely crushed
6 Tablespoons butter, melted

Mix well and press into bottom and halfway up the sides of a 8 inch Springform pan (sprayed with non stick spray). Bake @ 300° for 7 minutes. Allow to cool.

Cake ingredients:
3 (8 oz.) cream cheese, room temp.
1 cup sugar, divided
1 vanilla bean, cut into 1 inch pieces
3 eggs, room temperature, slightly beaten
fresh squeezed lemon juice, ½ of a lemon, room temp.
2-3 teaspoons clear vanilla extract, optional

10-12 ounces sour cream
¼ cup sugar
contents of 1 vanilla bean,
or 1-2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Place vanilla bean pieces and a ¼ cup of sugar into a coffee grinder and pulverize.
In a large mixer bowl, combine cream cheese and sugar and ground vanilla bean, beat until fluffy and creamy. Scrape down sides as needed. Add lemon juice and vanilla extract (if you're adding the extra) to the cream cheese mixture; mix. In a separate bowl lightly beat the eggs then add to the rest of the batter and mix until combined. Scraping down sides and mixing again. Do not over beat! Pour into prepared crust, place Springform pan on a baking sheet, and bake @ 300° for 1 hour.

Turn oven heat off and prop the door open with a wooden spoon handle. Leave cheesecake in the oven for another 40 minutes, then put topping on and return to oven for another 20 minutes with the door closed. Allow to cool completely on a wire rack before refrigerating overnight. Remove from pan and serve.

Garnish with whatever you wish or serve it plain. I gently mixed some fresh red raspberries with some lemon curd (heat slightly to liquefy) and it was fabulous!

Have a Blessed Day!


  1. What a beautiful cheesecake! This one looks absolutely scruptious!! I like the combination of vanilla bean with the strawberries! I've never actually made a cheesecake before...but this is my year to do it!
    Leslie :)

  2. It looks so pretty AND delicious.

  3. My all time favorite cheesecake is topped with the same sour cream topping. A.MA.ZING! Great photo - love the way you decorated your cheesecake. Wish I had a slice.


  4. That would be a hit here too...yummO!

  5. You're a true wizard, Martha! That is one scrumptious cake!

  6. Your cheesecakes are always so beautiful! This one looks perfect for Christmas.

  7. All of your cheesecakes look very fabulous! I think my favorite cheesecakes are the plain ones too. I imagine that vanilla bean in there adds a lot of flavor.