Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

Betsy made me do it ☺

Or maybe I should say she made me want to taste it. I was making pizzas over the past weekend and decided to try this version along with a traditional one and a BBQ Chicken and Pineapple one. Very simple and uncomplicated but full of delicious flavor! My husband enjoyed it a lot! Son #3 and I were the only other lucky ones to try it. The leftovers were enjoyed for a quick supper another night. Leftover pizza is a good thing at our house. ☺

I made my own pizza crust and prebaked it. Spread Ken's Farmhouse Ranch Dressing generously over it. Top with Roasted/Grilled Chicken and Apple Wood Bacon (precooked) and CoJack Cheese (shredded) and sprinkle with dried Parsley Flakes. Bake at 400° till cheese is melted and beginning to brown. So Yummy! Thanks Betsy for the introduction!

~Be Blessed!~


  1. Mmmmmm! Just looking at that is making my mouth water! It's really good and different, isn't it? We like ham/pineapple pizza, too...oh my...it's dinner time and this is making me really hungry! I need to try the bbq one sometime...

  2. yes, ham/pineapple, bbq chicken/pineapple, and this one are a nice change from the usual. Lin thinks pineapple would go well with this one too :) can you tell we like fresh pineapple?! ha

  3. This sounds and looks so delicious! Most of the time I’m a traditionalist when it comes to pizza but I would love this!