Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fresh and Fragrant Peonies and other random things

Every year when the Peonies are blooming we get a lot of rain which makes it necessary to bring in large bunches of these fragrant beauties.☺ I love to have a pretty, fresh bouquet in the house throughout most of the summer. It was looking like more rain tonight so I brought a bunch of these in.  I have mostly white ones, a few of the darker ones and one pink one that appeared out of the blue one year. Not sure where it came from unless the person who dug out the original clump left a stray tuber. That one is a pretty, deep pink with a yellow center and only a few petals. Very Pretty! The sprig of pink flowers in this bouquet are "Tinker Bells" They smell like lilacs. Love it!

I asked Serena to pick the few ripe strawberries this evening so the Catbird doesn't have them for breakfast, and when I came in she had them on the counter with a note that said, "Your reward is 27 strawberries, you're the best Mom in the world". Not exactly sure what I'm being rewarded for, but I'll take it! I hope what the note says is true, I try! but some days I'm not so sure. She is a sweetheart, of that I am sure!

My handyman husband doing his thing, helping my ideas take shape.

Serena's teacher's birthday is in August and not during the school year, so us room Moms chose to celebrate it anyway and last week we invited them over to our house for a birthday lunch and games. Turns out it was also a celebration for the students because they achieved one hundred 100%'s and she had told them if they do she would throw a party for them. Way to go 2nd and 3rd graders! Instead of buying her a gift we asked the parents to gift her with money in the amount they desire. She ended up with quite a lot! For fun one of the Moms got it changed into 1 dollar bills and taped it together (barely) and rolled it up and stuck it into a square tissue box. She ended up pulling it all out so the kids could count it. They thought this was great!  I found out they have a lot of energy!! After playing a few more games they walked back to school in time for dismissal. I think they enjoyed their afternoon off! ☺

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  1. Love your bouquet! I need to bring in some peonies! I love how you got some surprise colors in the bunch...how cool is that?

    what a sweet daughter...those are the special tiny moments that make mothering so wonderful! :)

  2. I absolutely LOVE peonies - lovely post! Thank you for your kind words :)
    Mary x