Saturday, October 20, 2012


My 'Good Morning" from God ☺
Love how the sun forms a star as it blazes through the trees!
The hunters that live here have left us for the mountains in hopes of bagging a few deer. So Serena and I will have a quiet weekend of doing whatever we fancy, and eating when, if, and what we fancy. I whipped up a bit of girl food this morning and plan to stay out of the kitchen as much as possible for the rest of the weekend. As much as I enjoy cooking and baking a break now and then is nice! ☺
When I was still living at home we could see both sunrises and sunsets. Where I've lived since I'm married the trees have blocked either one or both of them. I really miss them and so a few nights ago I went to a place where I could see what remained of this one. Ahhh, LOVELY!
~Happy Weekend!~


  1. A girlie weekend! How fun!

    I can see sun sets in the winter. They move down the street behind trees in the summer! And the sunrises are always hidden with the way our house is located. I'm looking forward to seeing the sunsets again! Wow...that moon shot is really lovely!

    Do you stock your freezer with venison?

    1. Thank you Betsy!

      and we usually process the ones they get. Mostly we keep the backstrap and the rest gets ground for burger and we mix it with beef.

    2. Would you believe I've never even tasted it? ha. I have tasted buffalo, a burger...and it was very good!

  2. It's not my first preferance by far but it works :) I'll share with you! :)

  3. Beautiful pictures! I love what you said about God greeting us in the morning. I often am amazed by the beauty he creates on my drive to work in the morning.
    PS - your recipe above looks wonderful, but I have the craziest family that doesn't like mushrooms. :(