Sunday, October 28, 2012


Lancaster County Beauty

 Smyrna Road
 Kinzers, Pa.
This past week was a busy but beautiful one. The weather was perfect and seemed almost Spring like except for the color on the trees. I did a lot of work outside in the flowerbeds. Getting them ready for winter and also doing some thinning and transplanting of the perennials.

I went to watch our son Shawn and his team play a soccer game - they won.☺
I love watching our boys play sports. It doesn't really matter if I don't always know the rules or purpose (football anyone? :) of the game. It's just fun to see them enjoying what they do and encouraging their teammates and having a great time. And I thank God for healthy kids that provide us with this privilege.
To me it doesn't matter as much if they win or lose but in how they play the game. Are they remembering to play with integrity? no matter what? Win or lose there is always character building going on. Character can be built on both the winning or losing teams.
I love to see how these kids (team members) lift each other up in the tough times and share the glory when it's going well.
Currently we are anticipating lots of rain and wind from "Sandy". I guess time will tell whether it is as major as predicted. Kinda wishing it would be snow instead of rain. ☺ To everyone in the affected area, prepare and stay safe, and hopefully dry inside! The kids will be happy about a day off of school.
Have a lovely week!


  1. Gorgeous photos! OH my! so pretty! I love pictures of beautiful!

    We've had wind and showers today....could turn to snow showers tonight. I just hope our power stays on...our boys do not do well without it!

    Hope you all stay safe and dry!

    1. Oh I hope too it does! Here too! Hope you stay safe too! It's raining but hasn't been too windy yet. Supposed to start during the night. Yikes!

  2. Beautiful pictures, hope you're safe and sound!