Sunday, April 10, 2011

Grilled Bacon Wrapped Mushrooms

Aaahhhh Grilling Season is Here!!

Or at least very much around the corner! I am very happy about this!! Now I can add new flavors to our meals and eat outside, well soon anyway. Today I knew it was supposed to be a little warmer than it has been for a while, not balmy but warmer at least, and I've been hankering for these yummy bites of grilled deliciousness so I wrapped them up and grilled them along side of some Italian Sausages that we had for our lunch as well. Loved every bite I had too! Most of the children eat these but I have one whose tastebuds continue to challenge me to find ways of pleasing them.☺ I don't worry too much though because at his age I was a picky eater and my food wasn't even allowed to touch on my plate! Goodness! one would never suspect that now! All this to say I think he'll come around if I give him time.

                                                            Don't they look yummy?!
                                                       Master Grilling Chef at our house
My husband does a great job with the grill! If I do the grilling it's either not completely cooked or it's burned because I'm trying to manage the last minute details in the kitchen AND trying to grill. Not good! So it just better if he has time to do it! And if he is here he is always happy to do it!

What you need:
White Button Mushrooms
Bacon Strips, cut in half
Favorite Barbeque Sauce, for brushing

If you are using wooden ones, they need to soak in water for a bit before their time on the grill. Take the stem out of the mushroom and peel the outer skin off. Wrap with a piece of bacon, overlapping the ends, and thread onto the wooden skewers. It's best if they don't touch for even cooking purposes. Brush with barbeque sauce and grill till the bacon is finished cooking, turning as needed.

Be Blessed!

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  1. We've been grilling here in Texas for several weeks. Yippee! I love cooking outside. I have a question, how do you peel a mushroom? I've never heard of doing that. Is a button mushroom the same as the common little mushroom you see in all of the grocery stores?

    And thanks for all of the peanut butter & chocolate recipes. That's me favorite! Have a great week. Lisa~

  2. oooh! these look yummy! I'll have to enjoy them alone though, my husband's taste buds just haven't caved to mushrooms yet....he's not a picky eater at all and he eats most of the things he told me he didn't like when we got married....maybe this will be what it takes to win him over.... I mean bacon and BBQ make anything good don't they??

  3. Those look delish. I'm going to have to give them a try this summer. You always have the yummiest looking recipes!

  4. What a great idea! I never experiment when it comes to grilling.

  5. My sister lived in Hawaii for a summer, and first introduced me to bacon wrapped mushrooms, so delicious! Worth every.single.calorie!


  6. Mmmmmmm, I can feel the heat and smell the bacon!
    You're making me anxious for summer...

  7. I've never had bacon wrapped mushrooms but they sound delicious. I'm definitely going to try them. Visiting from Debbie's Newbie Party. My link there is #92. Come visit.

  8. BBQ-Love...Mushrooms-Love...BACON-LOVE! This is most definitely a must try! Thanks for sharing!

    Off to see what other recipes I may have missed...


  9. Well hello dinner!

    And goodbye skinny jeans!

    I hope you'll link this as well! :)

    "Made it on Monday"

  10. This is something my pork-a-holic hubby will love. Thanks for sharing!

  11. These look great, too. My hubby can't wait to get our grill going. Just a bit too cold here, still.

  12. I have got to STOP visiting you when I'm hungry! Of course, by the time I read through all your wonderful posts, filled with such deliciousness, all I can think about is FOOD. ;)

    Thanks for linking to the party. I enjoy having you participate.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  13. Those Look, Amazing.... Most try this when the grill comes out~

  14. Don't you just love grilling weather!! These look great! If you get a sec, pop on over to Foodie Friday and link up! Oh, and I found you at All Thingz Related. :)

  15. Oh, these look good. I think I might have to see if they turn out if I broil them since I don't have a grill.

  16. I would seriously eat these until I got sick. They look so delicious!

  17. I will have to tell my husband about these. He loves bacon wrapped anything. We did smokies smothered in brown sugar last week. They're delish.

  18. This will be a favorite of my teenage boys I am sure! I have to make these and I love grilling season! So much less clean up! Thanks for linking this up !

  19.'s not posted yet, but YOU made my TOP 3
    pick of the week on "Made it on Monday"!

    YAHOO! It will be posted at midnight!

    *don't forget to grab your
    "I've been featured button"

  20. Thanks for sharing! We'll try it for our next barbecue!
    linedupuy(at)hotmail(dot)fr (through TTJ)

  21. YUM! Those look fabulous ~ going to have to try them ~ Thanks for sharing

  22. bacon+mushrooms=a slice of heaven! can't wait to try these, yum! I am a new blogger, come visit me at

  23. oh these look great as well, my husband would love these! thanks for linkin these up too!

  24. I've never seen bacon and mushrooms done like this before so thanks for a great idea.

  25. Bacon and mushrooms are some of my favorite foods ever, and these look so delicious.

    Thank you so much for submitting this to my monthly recipe collection for July. The new theme for August will be posted tomorrow, and I hope you will submit again. :)

  26. Mushrooms and bacon. Mmmm! They're great ingredients in pizza, and they remain great as a dish like that. The pictures are rad, man. You can see the heat and flavor radiating from those freshly grilled bacon-mushrooms!