Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Turkey Pita

                                                            It's what's for lunch-

The last few days this has taken away my hunger at lunch time. I know it looks like there is mostly banana pepper rings and not much else in there. That's because there are quite a few of them in there (I like them!) but there's also some yummy turkey breast and a thin slice of Farmer's cheese and some lettuce, a little bit of mayo, and lots of Spicy Southwest Sauce (I like THAT stuff TOO!!) The only thing that would have made it better is a juicy tomato from the garden. But as you know those are not yet available and the ones from the store are still in their "wooden" tasting state so I did without. My whole wheat pita made it a healthier lunch too. ☺

I hope you "enjoyed" my lunch with me and that you are all having a wonderful day! I noticed this morning that there are now 101 people that read about my foodie life. (I have Debbie and her link parties to thank for a lot of those). Hmmm, didn't really think I'd ever get that far. But life is full of nice surprises! and I am happy to have you all here and I hope that somehow you will feel blessed for your time. Theres a new cheesecake and a coffee cake brewing in my head but first I think I will enjoy an Easter visit to my family in Ohio. The kids and my husband have not been there since August which is a long time not to see the people you love and we are all looking forward to seeing everyone. Perhaps I can introduce you all to some of my family and the home that built me when I return. Until then, Love and Blessings~Martha


  1. Hi Martha...I think this pita looks awesome. The whole plate is colorful and so appetizing. I was wondering if you had a good baked sweet potato recipe you could share? I am making Easter dinner and my Dad has requested sweet potatoes! I have looked online but was hoping you had one that you could recommend. Thanks! ~Ann

  2. What a wonderfully healthy lunch! I have pita pockets in the cabinet that I need to use up...

    I hope you and your family have a Happy Easter!


  3. I want this for lunch... it looks wonderful.