Sunday, April 10, 2011

Peanut Butter Delight

                                                                Family Favorite

If you need an easy dessert to go with whatever you are serving, and if you love peanut butter and chocolate the way we do, I am telling you now that this is the one you want! Creamy, peanut buttery, cool, and chocolatey with a yummy crust that I always use instead of the one that is usually called for with this dessert. The original recipe calls for a crust made with chopped peanuts and the name of the dessert varies, some call it Jimmy Carter Pudding, but I just use my standard delight crust recipe and call it Peanut Butter Delight. It really doesn't matter what you call it, it's delicious and sure to be a crowd pleaser.

For the crust:
1¼ cups all purpose flour
1/3 cup brown sugar
½ cup butter, softened
 Mix till crumbly then spread evenly into a greased 9 x 13 baking dish. Do not press into pan.

Bake @ 350° for 20 minutes or till golden. Remove from oven and chop into fine crumbs immediately.

Then spread evenly and press lightly into pan. Pressing firmly will result in a hard crust that is hard to cut through when it's time to serve it.

Let cool completely.

Layer #2:
1/3 cup creamy peanut butter
8 ounces cream cheese, softened
1 cup powdered sugar
2 cups Cool Whip
Put cream cheese, peanut butter, and powdered sugar into mixer bowl and beat until fluffy, scraping down sides as needed. Gently fold in Cool Whip until well combined. Spread evenly over cooled crust.

Layer #3:
2 small boxes instant chocolate pudding
3 cups cold milk

Mix according to package directions and pour over peanut butter mixture.

Spread evenly and allow to set completely then top with more Cool Whip and garnish as desired.

           Make it for your family sometime, you will be glad you did and they will be happy!☺

                                                                   Be Blessed!
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  1. Oh, wow, this sounds incredibly delish. I'm bookmarking this one for when I have a crowd to eat it up. Thanks for sharing.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS. This looks incredible too! So many good ingredients. And the textures...

  3. Oh, I'm echoing what CAS and Brittany said. The PB lovers in my family will love this one. I'm following you ...came from Debbie's blog.

  4. Hi! I'm from Debbie's, too, and I love this recipe! It looks very easy and DELICIOUS!! YAY!!

  5. Oh my - that looks heavenly! I love peanut butter, cream cheese and chocolate together!

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  7. Oh my... peanut butter is my vice! I love it with a passion and this recipe sounds DEVINE!

  8. This sounds so good. I always enjoy your recipes. Thanks for sharing!

  9. This looks and sounds amazing!

  10. Yep; I do like the combo of peanut butter and chocolate. And it looks like you have another winner here, Martha!

    Thanks for linking to the party.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  11. So Many Wonderful & Yummy Recipes~ I'll be back!

  12. How yummy does this look! You had me at peanut butter. ;)

    I'm your newest follower. I'd love for you to come by and follow me, as well! I host s link party called So Sweet Sudays and this recipe would be perfect to link up!

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  14. Wow! This looks fabulous! Thanks for posting.

  15. This looks so good! I have never baked a crust then crumbled it up, such a genius idea though! I bet the texture is fantastic!

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  17. This sounds soooo good!

    Thanks for linking up with Sweet Tooth Friday. I hope to see you again next week.

  18. Martha- That peanut butter delight looks delicious and tasty! I've never made a dessert using that crumbling technique that you shared. I am definitely saving this to try out. Thanks for the recipe.

  19. Yes, peanut butter and cream cheese with whip cream does sound like a winner! Again my kids all love peanut butter and chocolate together, they will love this.
    Thanks for linking it up!

  20. That looks fantastic. I cannot wait to try this and make a new family favorite.