Monday, January 27, 2014

Just for funzies...

I can read minds...
 and I'm pretty sure at least one of them is thinking, "I'm hungry!!" haha
and she's thinking, "I have more fun rolling in the snow than I've ever had playing with any dolls. Just saying!" :)
and he's thinking, "WHY ISN'T IT WARM?!!!"
(This fellow and a bunch of his buddies showed up early for the Super Bowl but discovered like many others will, that it will be much too cold to sit outside and watch. Brrr!! I think I'd head South again if I would be them!)
and he's thinking, "It was so embarrassing, I feel red all over!!" :)
and he's thinking, "The berries around here sure are scarce!! But the Lady of the House seems thrilled to have me here!!
 I was at the window today and suddenly this guy and some of his friends showed up. I was tickled!! I love when unusual birds show up!
...and what am I thinking?
I'm thinking it feels much better in here since THE propane man brought me some propane! :) Yes, in case you're wondering, it happens to all of us! even the guy in charge. :) 
Stay inside where it's warm and have a lovely evening!
♥ Be Blessed!♥


  1. Oh, your kids look like they are having a ball! So very fun!

    Wow...your birds are glowing! I get pretty excited when a Cedar Waxwing decides to land in my trees, too. They are just SO cool!

    1. ps...mailed your package today!

    2. Oh cool! I had forgot about that!! Now I have something to watch for in the mail! Love it! :) Thank you!!