Sunday, May 29, 2011

Anthony's Favorite Potatoes

These potatoes are nothing new but my sons Shawn & Anthony finds it hard to get enough of these. Today instead of adding the usual seasonings I added fresh rosemary, thyme, chives, and Spring onions from my gardens and from the sound of their exclamations they liked them even better.

I started with:
2 lbs of small potatoes, boiled and quartered
½ stick butter
1 Tablespoon each fresh rosemary, thyme, & chives, chopped fine
3 small Spring onions, sliced thin

Quarter the potatoes and boil them just so that they are soft. Transfer to a frying or saute' pan add the butter and herbs and onions and fry over medium heat till the potatoes are browned. We like to eat them with ketchup.☺ Even my I-don't-eat-potatoes son ended up eating these and enjoying them. The herbs really perked them up and they were yummy!
Be Blessed!

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  1. I can see why these would be a favorite. My kind of dish!

  2. Love using fresh herbs. They add such a pop of flavor.