Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Chillens ♥


L to R: Shawn 14, Anthony 12, Serena 7, and Andre 15

These are the four that keep us busy and make us smile! The boys are ready for some action and Serena was not about to be left out of the picture! This year (and last year) the boys are/were all on the same team which really makes it easy for Mom to watch the game because I don't have to divide my time. Dad is a Coach, and a good one too! He's calm and encouraging and doesn't lose his cool when someone messes up. It's something he's wanted to be for a long time!

ha, I told them to look as mean as they could

Several weeks ago their Grandpa (my FIL) had surgery on colon cancer and so when he came home from the hospital Serena gathered some fresh goodies (Kale, Spinach, Lettuce, and a few Herbs) from the garden for him and Grandma to enjoy. PTL he is cancer free again and has no more doctor visits! It was contained and all other tests were clear! What a beautiful gift!!


These last two show that even bigger kids have posing issues. When everyone else cooperates theres usually one that is cutting up.

Before school

Haha, Anthony told me once that he never knows which smile to use. Made me chuckle, I told him the one that comes naturally is always best!☺

I hope you enjoyed meeting my children, and that their smiles made your day brighter!

Be Blessed!


  1. Great family!!!
    Glad your FIL is doing well!!
    That basket full of goodness looks like a magazine shot!!

  2. What a pleasure to meet your precious family...how blessed you are! Enjoy every second, they will be out on their own with the blink of an eye! Thanks so much for visiting and for your sweet comments...following you!

  3. What a beautiful family you have and your lettuce looks good, too! Thanks for visiting our blog. I'm gonna look around yours for some recipes!

  4. What a fun family! We miss baseball, our youngest son played 2 years of college baseball and recently had to quit because of a back injury. That was a sad day. But life goes on. There is a baseball field across the street from our home. It is Memorial Day tournament time. I hear the clink of the bat and parents cheering. What fun memories we have. Enjoy this hectic time of life. Our 6 children our grown and live in 5 different states. Time passes quickly.
    Thanks for letting me reminisce. I saw your boys in their baseball unis and had to smile!

  5. What a lovely family you have there, dear Martha, you are truly blessed! I wish you, your family and your father-in-law health and all the best!