Friday, January 25, 2013

Red Birds...

Balmy weather with swaying palm trees appeal to me towards the middle of winter, but really, I would hate to miss out on the snow beauty of the North!
I glanced out the window this afternoon and was delighted to see snow flurries! The birds flocked, literally, to the 3 feeders on the deck. They seem to enjoy this simple homemade one the best.  Four boards, some wire and screen, and of course the nails and the staples. I think they like it because it is on the floor of the deck.
It's been cold enough for the last week so that the ponds are frozen. Which means the kids won't be home much in the evening if they can help it. The boys went to play hockey on a friends farm pond and even took Serena along tonight. I was proud of them, but a little concerned about what happens when she gets cold and they're not ready to leave, but I guess I'll let them figure it out. She's pretty independent and sturdy for a girl of 8 years old and not about to miss out on winter fun just because it might be cold. But I expect some very tired children when they get home!
Stay warm!


  1. Oh, the birds are loving your seed! My feeders were in constant business today!

    How great of the boys to take their little sis! I hope they all have fun.

    1. Mine too. Lately there have been four big Northern Flickers here. They are big and bossy but interesting to watch.

  2. Love cardinals and you got a lovely picture of them. Beautiful winter scene for sure!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend,

  3. love your birdies Martha, such a fun scene!